Data centres are the foundation of your
IT and business infrastructure

ModularDC ensures you remain powered and securely connected to your most critical IT applications.

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Decrease operational risk with a pre-engineered, highly secure data management system

ModularDC is EfficiencyIT’s range of prefabricated data centre solutions, precision-engineered for on-premises, edge computing, and distributed IT applications. 

ModularDC solutions are customisable, bespoke, and expertly designed, tested, and deployed by EfficiencyIT’s data centre design and build team. All solutions are manufactured in the UK to meet demanding deployment timeframes for customers within government, defence, and other business-critical sectors.

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Built on next-generation infrastructure solutions

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Dedicated power modules

The range includes dedicated power modules encompassing UPS, generators, low (LV) and medium voltage (MV) power equipment, and switchgear, ensuring mission-critical reliability in the most remote locations.

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Highly efficient cooling modules

Highly efficient cooling modules, featuring the latest energy saving cooling equipment, including choices for In-Row cooling, hot and cold-aisle containment, and customisable liquid-cooled solutions for GPU-accelerated computing requirements.

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Customisable all-in-one modules

Containing integrated racks, UPS, cooling, physical security features,
environmental monitoring and DCIM software - all of which are safely protected within EfficiencyIT’s own range of UK-manufactured external enclosures.

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The future of data centre design:

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ModularDC provides customers with the ability to specify a highly secure, bespoke and ruggedised prefabricated data centre solution for any mission-critical environment. Expertly designed, tested, and deployed by EfficiencyIT, ModularDC provides a fully integrated and ultra-secure data centre solution, including customization options for RF-shielding, enhanced physical security, acoustic mitigation and SCIF-compliance.

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Engineered for resilience

ModularDC solutions incorporate a tailored design process and are expertly engineered to deliver a highly resilient, scalable, and application-specific data centre environment, anywhere. From critical power and cooling systems to high-density, all-in-one deployments, ModularDC’s turnkey approach offers a secure, scalable, and resilient data centre solution for any mission-critical environment.

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Fast, agile, and
operationally efficient

ModularDC data centres are manufactured in the UK to meet demanding customer timescales in as little as eight-to-sixteen weeks. It provides a quick-to-deploy prefabricated solution for remote and hard to reach locations, where speed to market and agility are vital.

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Cost effective

ModularDC prefabricated solutions provide cost savings of up-to 15% compared to traditional data centre builds. They deliver a secure, standardised, and repeatable data centre solution that enables end-users to balance capital expenditure (CapEx) and operating costs (OpEx) for a better return on investment.

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ModularDC incorporates the latest in energy efficient and highly sustainable data centre technologies, including Green Premium components which comply with key environmental regulations such as RoHS and REACH. By adopting a greener and more sustainable approach to data centre deployments, customers can lower operating costs, reduce their carbon footprint and minimise their data centres environmental impact.

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technology partners

As an Elite Partner to Schenider Electric, ModularDC uses best-in-class components from the company’s EcoStruxure™ for Data Centres and APC™ physical infrastructure portfolios. They include NetShelter racks, Galaxy UPSs’, SF6-free switchgear, MV and LV power systems, Uniflair™ and APC™ InRow cooling, NetBotz environmental monitoring and EcoStruxure™ data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) software.

Discover our immersive
design experience

ModularDC prefabricated data centres are designed using virtual reality (VR), providing the customer with an immersive experience that enables them to see their data centre in the virtual world, before the build process begins.

This use of VR fast-tracks the design and specification process, ensuring customers are happy with the design criteria, that the system is securely built for their critical application requirements, and that it incorporates best-in-class components from leading technology brands.

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Precision-engineering by EfficiencyIT 

At Efficiency IT, our mission is to challenge the status quo of what's achievable versus what's acceptable in data centres, IT, and critical communications environments. Established in 2016 and #BornEfficient, we empower business transformation via industry-leading consultancy, best-in-class technologies, and an impeccable service experience.


Our mission is to challenge the status quo of what's achievable versus what's acceptable in data centres, IT, and critical communications environments. We believe in the power of people, and by combining best-in-class technologies with industry-leading consultancy, we deliver exceptional value and tangible outcomes for our customers.